This is the O.S. Max 105HZ-R DRS Helicopter Engine. The 105HZ-R DRS is the engine that precision aerobatic and 3D heli pilots have been waiting for! In order for 90-sized machines to nail huge maneuvers and hardcore, smack down-style 3D it's all about power, and the 105HZ-R have it in abundance. Displacement has been increased by 15%, and a huge venturi rams air into the carburetor, producing massive power, while remaining small enough to fit in a .90-sized mounting pattern.

Product Information

 Mounting Space of a .90

More Displacement, More Power, These Engines Increase Displacement by 15%

Huge Venturi Boosts Output

Blue Anodized Heatsink Head is Light in Weight and Cools the Engine Efficiently

Pressurized DRS (Demand Regulator System), Ensures Consistent Fuel Flow


Displacement: 1.048 cu in (17.17cc)

Bore: 1.442" (29mm) Stroke: 1.024" (26mm)

Practical RPM: 2,000-16,500

Output: 3.75 hp @ 15,000 RPM

Weight: 608g

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O.S. Max 105HZ-R DRS Helicopter Engine

  • Brand O.S. Engine
  • Product Code: 80-18750
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  • $529.99

Tags: Nitro, Engines

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