XL Power Specter 700 Kit World Champion Edition.

XL Power Specter 700 - Low Parts Count, Ultra High Performance.

Designed with a low parts count, high performance design, XLPower steps into the 700 class fray with a helicopter that features an aesthetically pure pod and boom layout, paired with exceptional value and incredible sophistication.

Optimized for brutal levels of 3D performance, the Specter 700 design focuses upon a high CG layout, with all the electronics placed high within the frame for the best overall balance. Paired with a main rotor system that is low in respect to the tail boom, this engineered layout provides the very best CG setup for incredible levels of aerobatic performance.

Quality in design, the XLPower 700 utilizes premium carbon fiber components with a minimalistic design that has been simplified for the ultimate ease of use. Featuring high strength titanium turnbuckle linkage rods that offer the ultimate levels of precision adjustment, XLPower placed thought & effort into making the Specter 700 a joy to build and adjust, translating into a superb flying 3D machine.

Featuring a belt driven tail rotor system for ultimate levels of durability and strength, the Specter 700 utilizes this belt driven design for optimum power transfer without the typical mechanical complexities experienced by torque tube drive equivalents. In the event of a tail strike, a belt driven tail will typically withstand the impact, whereas a more fragile gear driven torque tube drive will easily strip, leading to tail gear damage and a possible crash. This robust belt driven layout is tried and true with excellent overall efficiency for high demand power transfer and powered off auto-rotation performance.

Utilizing a high performance CNC machined aluminum rotor system that has a wide envelope of low & high rotor rpm's, the Specter 700 utilizes an ultra high strength 15mm main shaft that is paired to a dual adjustable rotor blade grip system, featuring (2) mounting holes that allows the pilot to mechanically tune the helicopter for the level of aggression and performance desired. This rotor design provides excellent overall performance, with ultra crisp high rpm characteristics, offering amazing levels of 3D agility.

Constructed for ease of use, the Specter 700 features a sliding rail system for ultra easy battery changes. Secured via a single thumb screw & O-Ring design, batteries can be changed in rapid fashion, equating to quick battery swaps to get back in the air fast. Further this with the ability to utilize 12S 44.4V or 14S 51.8V power options, the Specter 700 features a wide CG range that allows the ability for the aircraft to be fine tuned for optimum overall balance, with the option of large 5500mAh packs to maximize flight time.

Step into the XLPower Specter 700 - ultra levels of quality & performance with value to spare.


Length: 1300mm

Height: 376mm

Width: 134mm

Main blade size: 685mm - 716mm

Tail blade size: 105mm - 115mm

Motor pinion: 11t included (10t, 12t Optional)

Helical CNC Main gear: 106t

Tail pinion: 17T

Autorotation Gear: 80T

Main to Tail Gear Ratio: 4.7

RTF weight: 4900g-5300g

Main Shaft Diameter: 15mm

Feathering Shaft Diameter: 10mm

Tail Boom Diameter: 27mm

Max Battery Size: 350mm*66mm*70mm (12S - 14S)


1 - XLPower Specter 700 Kit

1 - Rotortech Main Blades

3 - 25T Aluminum Servo Horns (Futaba Style)

1- Foam Blade Holder

Upgrade parts include:

XL70B24-3 : New Belt Tensioner

XL70B43 : 700 New Tail Servo Mount

XL70T24-1 : 16T New Tail Pulley

XL70T06-1 : Tail Support Clamp V2

XL70B24-2 : Belt Guide Reinforcement

XL70T10-1 : New Tail Rotor Control

XL70B42-1 : Quick Release

XL70B09-2 : Motor Mount Brace

XL70B40 : 32mm Aluminum Bolt

XL70A05 : Swashplate Leveler (15m)

Needed to Complete:

Transmitter (6-channel or more, helicopter system)

3 - HV Cyclic Servos

Full Size Tail Servo

ESC 160A - 200A (Recommend Hobbywing 200A)

Motor Brushless (Recommend Egodrift)

Flybarless Gyro System

Tail Rotor Blades (105mm - 115mm)

Receiver (Optional based on FB Unit 6-channel or more)

2 - LiPo Batteries (6S or 7S) 5000mAh ~ 5500mAh

Digital Pitch Gauge

Misc. Building Equipment

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XLPower Specter 700 World Champion XL70K03 XL70K03

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