Protos 380 Evoluzione Kit by XLPower No Main Blades

The Protos 380 takes the legendary Mini Protos design DNA forward to incredible new levels of flight performance, durability, and technology. MSH has leveraged over a decade of airframe design experience and customer feedback to create something truly amazing.  Designed from the ground up to break performance barriers and deliver a new experience not yet seen in this size helicopter.

The Protos 380 is designed with light weight in mind, while delivering an extremely strong and robust airframe that can take abuse flight after flight.  The design is very low parts count, and extremely fast to repair keeping you in the air.  The use of mixed materials including carbon fiber, aluminum, composite plastics to optimize every aspect of the design.

The future of the 380mm helicopter has arrived, and with it a new legend is born.

Evoluzione Boom and Canopy

The MSH Evoluzione takes design aesthetics to new levels.  The 100% carbon fiber boom is not only beautiful, but incredibly rigid.  The Evoluzione boom maximizes tail performance by keeping a very low profile in sideways flight.  The Evoluzione canopy is streamlined and connects flush with the boom to enhance the aerodynamics of the model.

Twin Belt Transmission

The Protos 380 implements a robust twin belt transmission, with auto tail belt tensioner.  This translates into thousands of maintenance-free flights and whisper quiet transmission.  With the lack of gear mesh, the Protos 380 can handle huge power, while delivering it with no transmission noise.  A robust one way bearing assembly is located in the main pulley assembly.  The low drag setup allows great autorotation performance in a small package.

Gorilla Landing Gear

A broken set of landing gear can ruin a day at the field. MSH is famous for their mastery of composite plastics. Gorilla gear takes unbelievable abuse landing after landing.  Protecting the airframe and blades. Flying is all about the fun. And gorilla gear gives you the confidence to get low. Learn autos. And master the skid bump.

Auto Belt Tensioner

MSH is a big fan of "set it and forget it". The auto belt tensioner pushes the Protos 380 tail performance to all new levels, while allowing the pilot to just forget about checking and setting the tension flight after flight, despite changing environmental conditions. It also allows the tension to be reduce significantly improving auto-rotation performance.

Magnetic canopy mounting system:

Carrying the Protos max heritage forward, the Protos 380 has MSH's unique canopy mounting system.  The canopy is installed and removed in a single motion. The end result - more flying and no fussing around to mount the canopy flight after flight. The mounting system utilizes powerful magnets with cupped mounts.

Extra large ESC compartment:

One of the design goals of the Protos 380 is setup flexibility. The large ESC compartment fits up to a 100A ESC.

Robust tail system for the ultimate performance:

Replacing belts should be easy. So the Protos 380 implements an aluminum single sided tail box to make field replacements fast and simple.

The tail implements thrusted tail grips design for precision tail control. The Protos 380 implements a high tail ratio (4.3) with a low profile boom that's capable of the most demanding maneuvers. An optional speed up pulley offers a 4.47 ratio for extreme tail performance even at lower headspeeds. The tail is capable of handling extreme overspeeds with no resonance, which ups the fun factor. The 17mm boom is designed such that no supports are needed, reducing weight and optimizing tail performance.


Frame: carbon fiber, support parts composite plastics and aluminum.

System transmission Twin belt drive system.

Main Belt: 9mm

Tail Belt: 4mm

Main Blades 385mm Maximum

Battery Options LiPo: 3s - 6s.

Typical Setup: 1300mah - 1800mah 6s (2200mah 6s max)

Battery Compartment Dimensions 24x33x100mm

Suggested battery Lipo 6s 1800mAh

Main rotor diameter 864mm (with 380mm blades)

Tail rotor diameter 181mm (with 67mm tail blades)

Total length without blades 800mm

Total Length with 380mm Blades: 1003mm

Main shaft diameter: 6mm

Tail shaft diameter 5mm

Height 235mm

Swashplate Servos Micro x 3

Tail Servo Micro or Mini x 1

Teeth Pinion: 21T 5mm Hole Included

Optional Pinion: 5mm hole: 20T, 22T, 23T, 24T, 25T

Main Pulley Teeth: 120T

Tail Rratio: 4.27:1

Tail Bboom Diameter: 17mm

Spindle Diameter: 5mm

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Protos 380 EVO Kit No Main Blades MSH41512 MSH41512

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