Align T-REX Parts

TREX RC Helicopters by Align are durable and crash worthy. We carry a full line of T-REX RC Helicopter parts to keep you in the air. Please select the T-REX model below or utilize our Intelligent Search Bar.

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Align T-REX 150X
Align T-REX 300X
Align T-Rex 450
Align T-Rex 450L
Align T-Rex 470L
Align T-Rex 470LT
Align T-REX 500E
Align T-Rex 500L
Align T-Rex 500X
Align T-REX 500XT
Align T-REX 550E
Align T-REX 550L
Align T-REX 550X
T-REX 600N
Align T-Rex 600XN
Align T-REX 650X
Align T-REX 700E
Align T-REX 700L
Align T-Rex 700X
T-REX 700N
Align T-Rex 700XN
Align T-Rex 760X
Align T-Rex 800
T-Rex 800 F3C

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