Align T-REX HOLDTITE Anaerobic Retainer.

Product Information

For T-REX 150X, 250, 300X, 450, 450PRO, 470L, 470LT, 500X, 550X, 600XN, 650X, 700X, 760X, 800 Series

T43 (Threadlocker) is Blue Medium Strength, Suitable for Screws. Can be Disassembled Using Hand Tools.

R48 (Retaining Compound) is a Green High Strength Adhesive, Suitable for Cylindrical Parts.

Use On

R48 - 150 Motor Pinion Gear 10T - H15Z001XX

R48 - 300X Motor Pinion Gear 14T - H30G003XX


T43 - Screws, and Balls which Screw into Metal (Do Not Use on Plastic)

R48 - Pinions - with no set screw(s), One Way Bearings (Do Not Use on Screws)


R48 (2c.c.) Max operating temperature:-55°C~+180°C

T43 (2c.c.) Max operating temperature:-55°C~+150°C

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Align T-REX HOLDTITE Anaerobic Retainer K1029A

  • Brand Align
  • Product Code: 01-K10291A
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  • $4.99

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