550E Three-Blade Rotor Head.

Product Information

For T-REX 550E, 550L, 550X, 600 Series

3-D Rotation Surface Process

Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy

Provides Superior Flight Stability

Lower Center of Gravity - CG

Rigid Fast Response Flight

Easily Control Active/Static Condition Flight

Must Use

600DFC Main Shaft Set H60243A

520 Carbon Fiber Three Blade Set HD520D



Three-Blade Rotor Housing x 1

Metal Main Rotor Holder x 3

Three-Blade Shaft Set x 3

Head Damper (Φ8xΦ12.9x6.5mm) x 3

Elevator Ball Link (Φ5xΦ6x19mm) x 6

550E Three-Blade Shaft Screw x 3

Linkage rod A x 3

Spacer (Φ8xΦ11x1.3mm) x 3

Spindle Bearing Spacer (Φ10xΦ13.8x0.4mm) x 6

Thrust Bearing F8-14M (Φ8xΦ14x4.5mm) x 3

MR148ZZ Bearing (Φ8xΦ14x4mm) x 6

Washer (Φ5xΦ12x1mm) x 3

Socket Collar Screw (M3x6mm) x 6

Socket Screw (M3x10mm) x 2

Socket Button Head Screw (M2.5x8mm) x 2

Socket Collar Screw (M3x19mm) x 2

Socket Collar Screw (M4x25mm) x 3

Socket Screw (M5x10mm) x 3

M3 Nut x 2

M4 Nut x 3

Main Blade Grip Arm x 3

Φ5 Linkage Ball B (M3x4) x 3

Elevator Arm Set x 2

Linkage Rod Set x 1

Washer (Φ3xΦ4.8x0.3mm) x 2

Linkage Rod Holder x 6

550E Three-Blade Main Shaft x 1

Main Shaft Spacer 0.3mm x 1

Main Shaft Spacer 0.5mm x 1

CCPM Metal Swashplate x 1

Linkage Ball B (M3x4) x 5

Φ5 Linkage Ball D (M3x3.5) x 1

Φ5 Long Linkage Ball (M3x4) x 1

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550E Three-Blade Rotor Head

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